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We Won't Return 'A' Mask;  We'll Return 'YOUR' Mask

Air Systems Technologies, Inc.™ Delivering a High Level of Comfort & Security to the Healthcare Workers & First Responders by Eliminating the Anxiety Derived from Mask Recycling/Sharing

Air Systems Technologies, Inc™ announced that it has begun rapid manufacturing of a mobile decontamination system to clean N95 respirator masks using Ozone in order to address the critical shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed by the Nation's Healthcare Workforce and First Responders.

Ozone is a gas with a density greater than air and is one of the most powerful disinfectants. It is 50 times more effective than the most popular disinfectant – chlorine, and its effects are visible 3,000 times faster.

The main advantage from the utilization of ozone to disinfect is the fact that ozone is generated on-site and only when needed. There is also no need to monitor its side effects as the remaining byproduct is Oxygen.

Bio-Safe ™ Strategic Drop stations with 55-gallon transport drums will be distributed throughout the hospitals & health-care facilities. Each maintained at a negative pressure with ultra-clean HEPA exhaust filters to isolate any potential contaminants inside the hospital space. This eliminates the need to travel long distances within each facility, thus reducing the possibility of spreading further contamination. 

Trained Air Systems Technologies Personnel Manage Process Daily from Start to Finish

Healthcare workers will be given a unique  barcode for their PPE which will be placed in the  Bio-Safe Drop Station. The 55-gallon drums are transported by AST personnel throughout the day to a remote, dedicated, 3 chamber decontamination-trailer without subjecting the general public to the hazards captured by the N-95 masks. It is here they will be cleaned using Molecular Ozone Process, then shrink-wrapped in a sterile HEPA Filter Workstation and transported to the healthcare facilities and distributed back to the original user. Up to 3,000 masks can be cleaned and delivered every four hours, no healthcare workers will ever run out.

Air Systems Technologies’ have been trained by a Harvard School of Public Health and NSF Accredited Biohazard Safety Cabinet Field Certifier and their skill and dedication is unmatched in the industry.

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