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Air Systems Technologies is a full-­service biomedical equipment company, providing comprehensive testing and certification services to over 1,100 clients in the medical device, biotechnology,  pharmaceutical, and electronics industries, as well as research and medical communities for over 41 years.  Headquartered in Avon, MA since its founding in 1986.

Our business revolves around assuring the proper performance of critical environmental structures (clean rooms) as well as various clean air devices located within these industries.  Our clients are required by various federal, state and local agencies (FDA, OSHA and EPA) to maintain this equipment in proper working condition per established industry standards, in order to maintain accreditation and/or funding. The primary device that creates these super-clean environments is called a HEPA filter. This filter is made to very exacting standards, and has precise testing methodologies to ensure it is functioning properly. One of the primary groups that develops these standards is the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IEST), the subsidiary standard is ISO 14644 which a large portion of our clientele must follow. AST provides the trained personal to provide these services. AST provides the knowledge, equipment and required testing to keep these facilities and devices current with the latest version of the various standards. This testing is provided on an ongoing basis, based on a 6 or 12 month schedule. Approximately 90% of our business is repeat business with very little client turn-over.


The information gathered from this required testing often reveals deficiencies in the system design that result in the client failing to meet current requirements. AST has built its business on not only providing certification services, but also consulting with our clients to ensure that the responsible parties (contractor, landlord, and architect) provide the needed upgrades and/or changes required to meet all current requirements. We go beyond just providing them with test results, and have become the trusted advisor to our many clients. We now help many of our customers (for a fee) to do preliminary site and equipment assessments.  We interface with their design-build team, to head off problems before they make the facility and equipment investments. Our motto is “The Science of Service” – we place our clients on “autopilot” (regular testing, regular feedback) to ensure that their facilities and equipment are always performing to the latest industry standards.

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