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Cleanroom Solutions With A Lifetime of Technical Support

Our hands on approach is extremely detailed and customized to your unique needs for a particle-free, aseptic environment. 


ISO 14644 standard refers to Classes 1 through 9.  Class 1 is the ‘cleanest’: It has the most stringent requirements for particle size and airborne particulate concentration. Class 9 is the least restrictive: The ISO is the primary authority for cleanroom classification.

We will determine the cleanroom class to fulfil your required environmental condition---contamination source, required partial size, air changing rate. Particle size being the most important factor in determining which class is best suited for your needs.

Priority Same Day Service

Air Systems Technologies has a wealth of experience providing first class decontamination, testing and certification services for medical device manufacturers for 41 years.  The process requires the highest quality standards which is our number one priority.

Once Installed--We're the People Who Continue to Keep Your Equipment Up and Running.

Parts Replacement
  • Motor Blower Units

  • Motor Speed Controls

  • Switches, Ultraviolet, & Fluorescent Lamps

  • Lamp Ballasts

  • Magnehelic Pressure Gauges

  • View, Diffuser Screens, Etc.

Lab Decontamination
Filter Replacement
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